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Optimize Your Health, Quit Smoking with Acupuncture


Cigarette smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Harmful ingredients found in cigarette such as nicotine, tobacco and carbon monoxide cause many diseases in the heart, lungs, and reproductive system, and it increases the risk of many different cancers. Smoking can also affect pregnancy and developing foetus causing birth defects.

Research on using acupuncture to curb smoking was first published in the American Journal of Acupuncture in 1975 by L.L. Sacks. He used ear acupuncture to help smokers quit smoking and achieved desirable results. Singapore’s first Quit Smoking with Acupuncture Campaign was pioneered by Physician Lau Kiew Teck. The campaign was part of the opening ceremony of the Toa Payoh Chung Hwa Free Clinic in 1979. In 1985, American Physician J.S. Olms discovered a new acupuncture point on the wrist that is also effective in curbing the urge to smoke, with a success rate of 90%.

Physician Lau recommends using a holistic approach by targeting specialized acupuncture points, complemented with ear acupuncture, body acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help smokers successfully quit smoking.

The effects of the treatment include reducing the urge to smoke, and lessening the withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, headaches and stomach upsets.  Although many studies have proven the effectiveness of such treatment, smokers must have the motivation and perseverance to quit smoking and adhere to the treatment protocol in order to achieve the best results.

Typical treatment will require an acupuncture session once every 2~3 days, with 4 acupuncture sessions constituting a treatment course. The number of treatment courses depends on the smoker’s history.









吸烟危害人体健康。烟中有害物质如尼古丁、烟焦油、 一氧化碳等近百种化合物与人类高血压、冠心病、慢性支气管炎、肺气肿 、多种癌症、胎儿畸形、及先天疾患等许多疾病有关。

关于针灸戒烟的研究,最早的医学报导于1975年由作者L.L. Sacks 发表于美国针灸杂志。他使用耳针帮烟瘾者戒烟达到相当满意的结果。新加坡第一次引进针灸戒烟是于 1979年由刘巧德医师引进,在大巴窑中华医院开幕时做为开幕主轴节目之一。在1985年,美国医师J.S. Olms 在手腕背部发现一个戒烟特效穴,取名为 “甜蜜穴” ,成功率近90﹪。

刘医师建议采用综合性方法帮助戒烟者进行戒烟。除了应用特效穴针灸外,也配合用耳针、体针、以及中药调理帮助戒烟者无痛苦戒烟。针灸戒烟的作用有两个方面:一是抑制烟瘾,使受戒者不想吸烟;二是消除戒烟后出现的一些戒断症状,如烦躁不安,头痛,胃肠不适等。二者相辅相成,能够帮助戒烟者改掉吸烟的习惯,经过多年的实践证明效果较好。但是能否最终戒烟成功,还取决于吸烟者的个人意志。戒烟者必须有决心,真心要戒,配合治疗,才能到达预期的结果。针灸戒烟的疗程一般为每2~3天针一次,4次为1 疗程。疗程长短与吸烟史长短有关。